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Sierpień 2016

Integra Data Service (3.0) - repair&service extensive documentation for car services

Integra Data Service (IDS) 3.0 - New version - comprehensive repair and maintenance documentation for car services.

In the newest version of Integra Data Service 3.0, we presented, among others, a new module containing 300 thousands comfort electrical diagrams and a more intuitive and clear graphic layout, integration of service and repair data with the Integra 7 program, as well as other new features.
Up to date regulation data and repair information are the basis for fast, effective and professional work of each car service. The range of the Integra IDS program includes original data from the automotive market for passenger cars, vans and trucks. Integra IDS contains four main areas of information: Repair times, Service data, Technical data, Repair instructions.

Periodic inspections.

The use of each car requires its periodic service, which should be carried out according to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. System users have access to information about service activities to be performed at a specific mileage for a specific car. The data also include periodic inspections. Servicing can also be extended with additional work reported individually by the customer. Thanks to this type of information, the car services can carry out service work in accordance with the manufacturers' recommendations and offer customers periodic service of their vehicles at the highest level.


Repair valuation catalog.

This module allows to prepare a quick repair valuation with a graphical selection of various vehicle systems and components (Fig.2). Mistakes when quoting prices for a service result in specific losses for each car service. To prevent such situations, car services need reliable information necessary for the correct calculation of workshop work. Contained repair times are consistent with information from car manufacturers including the individual equipment of the vehicle. The repair valuation includes all repair work within the scope of the service. Service and repair activities are combined with the catalog numbers of the vehicle parts and components, which can be a great help when using the electronic catalogs of spare parts. The reliable valuation of the service has a very large impact on the professional service of customers in each car service.


Adjustment data.

A set of information on the parameters and adjustment data of various vehicle systems. Easy access to all necessary data and a wide range of additional drawings ensures that the service staff can carry out the necessary adjustment and control activities quickly and efficiently. The data includes, among others, general vehicle technical data, parameters of the fuel supply system (Petrol / Diesel), ignition system data, exhaust gas control values, chassis dimensions with wheel geometry, brake system parameters, screw torques, fluid systems capacity, specification of oils and greases as well as vehicle's electrical system data.


Repair instructions.

They contain a lot of service information regarding the diagnostics, mechanics and electrical system of the vehicle. The instructions are clear and easy to use during service repairs. They cover a wide range of information including: diagrams, graphic illustrations, instructions for disassembly and assembly of various timing systems and chassis components, instructions for replacing cabin filters, descriptions of the exterior of the body, methods for resetting periodic inspections, vehicle identification instructions and descriptions of error codes.
The software allows to print cost estimates of repairs that include the value of services and the necessary parts to perform a given repair. The Data Service module allows printing of periodic vehicle inspection cards. The cards specify the work carried out by the mechanic at a given mileage or after a specified time recommended by the car manufacturer.


Diagnosis of systems.

Element of the Technical Manuals module, which has been extended with diagnostic data concerning about elements responsible for the proper operation of the engine for selected vehicles. The information contained in the module enables quick location of sensors and engine accessories. Diagnostic information for many elements is presented in the form of step-by-step instructions, so mechanic can quickly verify the correct operation of specific component.


Airbag systems.

An area that contains instructions for the assembly and disassembly of airbag components and data on the safety conditions to be maintained when repairing and servicing these systems. (Fig.6)


TecTYRES module.

Tire technical data includes information on the size of tires used in a specific car model and the size of the rims used. There is also available information on the depth of the wheel rim mounting (ET number). The information provided allows you to choose tires in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. IDS also contains instructions for activating the tire pressure monitoring system.

Fuse and relay boxes.

The data included in this module contains information on fuse boxes and relays. The drawings show the place where the box is installed in the car and an precise description of each fuse.


Wiring diagrams.

The module contains, among others electrical diagrams of the systems: engine control, ABS / ASR / ESP, air condition.


Comfort wiring diagrams

Repairing vehicle electronic systems without access to electrical wiring diagrams is practically impossible today. That’s why a special module has been developed, it contains about 300 thousands diagrams including, among others: airbag, central locks, electric windows and mirrors, adjustable seats, factory alarms and immobilizers, light control, navigations, gauges sets, xenon lights, automatic transmission control system, power steering, active suspension, CAN / MOST bus, etc.



In addition to the documentation for passenger cars and vans, a version containing information for trucks is also available.
The program database includes: service data (periodic inspections), labor values (repair times), technical data (adjustment data), technical manuals (repair instructions and diagrams), electrical diagrams. There is also an SOS module containing information on service actions. Integra IDS Truck cooperates with Integra Truck 7.

Integra IDS Truck includes service data for nearly 30 truck brands, including: DAF, IVECO, MAN, MERCEDESBENZ, RENAULT, SCANIA, VOLVO, etc.

SOS module.

Due to the dynamic development of technology used in vehicles, manufacturers have less time to refine new car models. Service campaigns are often announced calling for owners of faulty vehicles to car services. Calls are given to customers who bought a car in a car dealer. Access to service bulletins and repair instructions was reserved for car dealers. In order to meet the needs of other car services, we offer the SOS Module with access to service actions. Bulletins are divided into: Engine Mechanical System, Drive Transmission, Chassis, Bodywork, Electric Engine Systems, Vehicle Electronics, Safety Systems, Air Conditioning.


Integration with Integra Car / Truck 7.

Service and repair data have been integrated to provide quick access to them in repair orders of the Integra 7 program. Thanks to the automatic identification, we skip the manual selection of the make, model and version of the vehicle and we are sure that the parameters of the vehicle being repaired have been correctly selected. Integra IDS allows to export the repair calculation and the periodic inspection card directly to the repair order.

Using the repair times catalog, the service cost valuation can be prepared directly in the Integra program. This solution shortens the time of preparation the repair orders, invoices and cost estimates.

Integra Car / Truck 7 has an interface with modules that allow you to quickly select the information you need, including inspections, control data, screw torques, assembly instructions, fluid systems capacities, electrical wiring diagrams, etc.



Integra Data Service is an online system that is constantly updated with features and new service data. That kind of a solutions does not require program users to take time-consuming quarterly updates.

Integra Data Service contains TecRMI data (formerly AuDaConAIS) with an extensive service database for the automotive industry. Original information from vehicle manufacturers is used to calculate repairs and determine the scope of inspections. The data included in the program is necessary for any car service that wants to provide services at a professional level.

Over 60 000 users already use TecRMI service data across Europe. Among them there are such companies as: ADAC, CARAT, A1, AUTO CREW, AutoService PRAXIS, TecDoc.


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