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About Integra Software

Integra Software is a software developer that offers systems for automotive branch. They are created for big corporations as well as for small and medium companies. Currently, in the local and foreign (Czech Republic, Slovenia, Ukraine) markets have been implemented almost 100 000 licenses of Integra Software. 

We have been operating since 1991. Solutions offered as Integra have been realising since 2002. According to our experiance we make every effort to provide best quality of our services. Due to this fact we are able to face the customer's expectations. 

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Integra Data Service (3.0) - repair&service extensive

documentation for car services

Nowadays, adjustment data and repair information are the basis for fast, efficient and professional work of every service. IDS contain original data from automotive market which include cars and tracks. Integra IDS comprises four main data scopes: Repair times, Service data, Technical data and Repair manuals.

Integra Data Service 3.0 include among others new module with 300 000 wiring diagrams and also new, more intuitive and clearer graphic scheme, repair and service data integration with Integra 7 software and some others news.

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Integra Car 7 En

Trying to face the expectations of the companies connected with car motor industry, we created Integra 7 system - complex information science tool constituting the stable basis of company development.
Great possibilities in the range of configuration together with the module structure of the system make it possible for Integra 7 to be used in small companies, as well as in big car motor complexes such as:
car workshops, ASO services, sheet-metal and painting shops, tire and specialist services, showrooms and car consignments, car washes, car shops or spare parts dealers.

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Integra WebKatalog 5.0

Integra WebKatalog is a well known online parts catalog which provide efficient searching and ordering. Software is based on parts distributor data and TecDoc base catalog which contain 100 000 vehicles and over 4 000 000 articles with technical descriptions, photos, replacements, etc.

Integra Katalog has been implemented by many distributors like: Auto Partner, Fota, AD Poland, Inter Team. Currently software is one of the most popular programmes to searching and ordering parts. We offer you online and offline versions.

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Integra WebShop

Integra WebShop is a software on browsers to sell parts to final customers (drivers). Providing quick and easy purchase to clients is one of the biggest advantages. Integra WebShop contains catalog data for almost 5 000 000 articles, among other: photos, technical descriptions, OES no., infos about using parts in vehicles, etc.

Catalog data come from more than 550 manufacturers and are regulary updated. TecDoc base include almost 60 000 cars and 55 000 trucks. 


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Integra Software - Solutions for Automotive Industry

Integra DMS 7
Integra DMS 7 provides complex support in vehicle servicing and sale. The software might be integrated with the importer system and adjusted individually to a given service net.
CRM functions allow to increase the income of the company significantly and advanced reports enable to analyse the activity and servicing the loyalty program for long-standing customers. The system also involves guarantee repairs servicing, functions related to courtesy cars and serial correspondence that greatly improves service activities.
A detailed description of vehicle service is presented below. 

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