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  • Integra Software
    Integra Software
    • Programy dla serwisów i sklepów
    • Dane serwisowo-naprawcze
    • Katalogi / Portale WebShop
    • Systemy dla hurtowni,
      flot i sieci serwisowych
  • Integra Car 7
    Integra Car 7

    Dla serwisów samochodowych

    • Zlecenia napraw, Historia serwisowa
    • Szybka obsługa klientów serwisu
    • Wycena napraw wg sprawdzonych danych
    • Sprawne planowanie pracy w serwisie
    • Szybki dostęp do danych serwisowych
  • Wycena napraw

    Katalog czasów napraw w Integra Car

    • 15 milionów czasów napraw (20 tys. poj.)
    • Łatwiejsze rozliczenia z klientami, dzięki
      przejrzystym wycenom napraw
    • Wycena napraw wg danych producentów
    • Lepsze planowanie pracy serwisu
  • Integra Firma 7
    Integra Firma 7

    Obsługa sprzedaży części i akcesoriów

    • Szybkie i sprawne wyszukiwanie części
    • Bazy zamienników, grupy cenowe
    • Zdjęcia i rysunki podzespołów
    • Dane katalogowe TecDoc
  • Integra Truck 7

    Dla serwisów pojazdów ciężarowych

    • Słowniki dot. samochodów ciężarowych
    • Wybór pojazdu wg napędu / ilości osi
    • Moduł uszkodzeń pojazdów i naczep
    • Serwis tachografów / Webasto
  • Integra WebShop

    Łatwa sprzedaż części przez internet

    • Prosty i łatwy interfejs użytkownika
    • Szybkie wyszukiwanie części
    • Portal internetowy zintegrowany
      z danymi TecDoc
  • Integra Katalog
    • Prosty i łatwy interfejs użytkownika
    • Integracja z systemami hurtowni
    • Szybkie wyszukiwanie części
    • Wygodne tworzenie zamówień
    • Dane katalogowe TecDoc
    • Wersja Web dostępna przez www
  • Integra Data Service

    Dane Serwisowe dla warsztatu

    • Wycena napraw pojazdów
    • Schematy elektryczne
    • Instrukcje napracze
    • Okresowe przeglądy
    • Dane regualcyjne
  • Integra Flota
    Integra Flota

    Oprogramowanie do obsługi flot

    • Obsługa zleceń dla napraw pojazdów flotowych
    • Zbiorcze fakturowanie napraw flotowych
    • Terminarz wizyt i panel dla kierowców
    • Raporty i analizy, moduł CRM/SMS
    • Zintegrowana przechowalnia opon
  • Opinie klientów

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    Integra Car 7 to strzał w dziesiątkę. Jest to program na miarę XXI wieku... Rekomendacja firmy Auto-Adi Adam Krężel

  • Integra Software
    Integra Software
    • Programy dla serwisów i sklepów
    • Dane serwisowo-naprawcze
    • Katalogi / Portale WebShop
    • Systemy dla hurtowni,
      flot i sieci serwisowych

Integra Car 7 En

Integra 7
Integra 7
Integra 7
Integra 7
Integra 7
Integra 7
Integra 7
Integra 7
Integra 7
Integra 7
Integra 7
Integra 7
Integra 7
Integra 7
Integra 7

Software for car servicing motor companies

  • Electronic parts catalogue
  • Online ordering system
  • Provider price list
  • Service, shop and warehouse management
  • Lists of cars, clients, goods and services
  • Job sheets
  • Sales, warehouse and cash documents
  • Vehicle service history
  • Financial and statistic reports
  • Data exchange via the Internet

Trying to face expectations of the companies connected with car motor industry, we created Integra system - complex information science tool constituting the stable basis of company development. Great possibilities in the range of configuration together with the module structure of the system make it possible for Integra 7 to be used in small companies, as well as in big car motor complexes such as: car workshops, ASO services, sheet-metal and painting shops, tire and specialist services, showrooms and car consignments, car washes, car shops or spare parts dealers.

Undoubtable advantages
Integra 7 processes precisely and fast great amount of data which is available and gathered in the case of a business connected with car industry. Data constitute the source of information used during creating new documents, necessary for running a business and also different types of reports (sales, warehouse, service, purchase, cash, etc.). These reports enable not only the constant control over economic situation of the company and analyzing goods and services sales results but also allow rewarding employees on the basis of the effectiveness of their work. Integra 7 system consists many units which can be used depending on the range of the business. Such a system's structure allows to adapt it, depanding on individual business's' needs simultaneously taking into account different size of the firm and its structure. The company buys only these modules which are necessary for its work.

Designed for car & motor industry
Integra 7 measures all the requirements which are essential for universal programs designed for running companies. Special attention should be paid on the unique functions and possibilities of this system, resulting from its trade. Innovative solutions based on several years' experience in car industry of Integra creators are suitable for practical expectations of the companies working in this business. Such element as: an order of car repair, car file, the history of car repairs or characteristic position of spare parts in warehouse module, are necessary for the efficient functionality of the firm.

Electronic parts catalogue & online ordering system
Electronic Parts Catalogue with TecDoc database, allowing find and select appropriate parts for particular cars. Parts catalogue is integrated with ordering system and software for servicing car motor companies. Online ordering system enables fast and error free ordering and checking spare parts availability in-store.

Observing the recent situation in service is possible thanks to the list of open orders, which, in connection with repairs schedule, guarantees clients fast and efficient service. Planning duties on an individual repair position, increase the effectiveness of service and what follows - the turnover growth. An order is opening in the moment of the new client's arrival to our service. In this place an employee gives description of services which have to be done. Last thing to do is to print this order, service card and the confirmation of receiving a car. If the system works in the network, other users, for example service workers, warehouse and showroom workers, service manager, the owner of the company, etc., can also have an access to it.

Showroom & car consigment
In our offer there are modules for showroom and car consignment service, which companies are using very successully. In addition there are available functions like complex CRM Module, which can be very useful, especially for clients, who are forgetful and appreciate their own time. CRM funcionality provide us mechanism which remind our clients about cyclic repairs and exchange exploiting parts.

Cooperation with other trade programs
Integra 7, as a trade system, assures the companies connected with car industry an access to information necessary of business's service. The system cooperates with electronic catalogues of spare parts and services, for example TecDoc, ESI[Tronic], VIVID, Autodata, MultiCat, Eurotax, Audatex and many more. Thanks to it, in any suitable work time, you can get information about spare parts, time of repairs, range of periodical servicing, etc. Such as data is automatically sent for cost calculation or directly into Integra orders. Recent works on modules enable cooperation with diagnostic machines.
The final results of measurements on repair system; an on-line access to distributors' offers through the Internet with ability to get an information about prices and immidiate check of goods accessibility, plus fast data exchanging with order system significantly improves ordering the goods and deliveries.

Integra Data Service
The latest regulatory data and repair information are the basis for fast, efficient and professional work of every service. IDS contain original data from automotive market which include cars and tracks. Integra IDS comprises four main data scopes: Repair times, Service data, Technical data and Repair manuals. 

Integra 7 possesses many solutions, which make the management of the warehouse of spare parts much easier than You thought. Thanks to the importing electronic invoices possibility, time of receiving deliveries is much shorter than it used to be. Warehouse documents such as WZ and RW are created automatically while sales documents are made out, which also saves time in a significant way. Integra 7 users have a number of warehouse reports for their disposal, for example delivery reports, goods rotation reports, the history of goods in the warehouse. An access to such information guarantees efficient and economical warehouse management.

Central database
An attractive and amazingly functional solution, which is proposed by Integra creators for workshop chains, is the ability to use Central DataBase. Such as base allows to keep central register of repairs and spare parts used for them, so it makes the whole servicing faster and much more efficient. Among the advantages of this situation, worth mentioning are: the improvement in functioning of guarantee system and also the possibility of servicing vehicles' fleets. Very important for spare parts distributors is an information about the most often repaired cars in services belonging to the chain. Using the Central Data Base improves the standard of service and creates the image of the chain in the clients' eyes.

Integra is being systematically enriched with new functions and improved in the range of the newest computing innovations used in it. The development of the program enables customers' needs implementation and market demands, together with keeping our service friendly and intuitive with same level as it has been so far. To sum up, we offer the highest quality software which you can base for the stable development of your company in the following years.

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